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25th Estate: This Is Where We Live

Press Books – the literary division of HarperCollins, containing 4th Estate and Perennial – approached us to come up with ideas for helping them celebrate the forthcoming 25th anniversary of imprint 4th Estate.

Working with Asylum Films, we created a short film celebrating the books from 25 years of 4th Estate publishing. The film has been released on the web, used in 4th Estate and HarperCollins marketing and anniversary celebrations, and as their Christmas card.

Over a thousand books were used to make the film, which was shot over two weeks in a makeshift studio in North London. Twenty animators worked in shifts to get it made, often sleeping under the set itself.

The film celebrates both 4th Estate’s output, and the world of booklovers: a world made out of stories. The film contains numerous in-jokes and references to the books it features, and everything, from the ships in port to the cinema in Soho to the man fishing in Central Park is made out of books, covers, pages and words.

We also built a site to house the film, along with production stills and time-lapse animations of the animations being shot.

We worked closely with Vimeo, our favourite video-sharing site, to make the film available to all in High Definition, making it beautiful at full screen.

Visit to watch and find out more.

Client: Press Books
Producers: Peter Collingridge and James Bridle
Full credits:

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