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Apt Reading

We use Instapaper to remember to read good stuff on the web. We thought you might find some of it interesting too, so here’s what we’ve been reading lately:

Starred picks:

My Thoughts on Codecademy - O'Reilly School of Technology

What Customers Want from Your Products - HBS Working Knowledge

Reid Hoffman: The network philosopher (Wired UK)

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Convertible Note Seed Financings (But Were Afraid To Ask) | TechCrunch

The inadmissible assumptions - Charlie's Diary

The Tim Ferriss Effect: Lessons From My Successful Book Launch - Forbes

Killing Orson Welles at Midnight by Zadie Smith | The New York Review of Books

To read:

The Minecraft Guide for Parents

After the Techcrunch bump: Life in the "Trough of Sorrow"

The Importance of Differentiated Product Management Roles | On Product Management

50 Books That Define the Past Five Years in Literature

101 Spring Street, Donald Judd's Building in New York: Places: Design Observer

Advice to a Non-Technical CEO of a Software Startup | On the Way to Somewhere Else

Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson

Rick Rubin - Recording Industry - Rock Music -

IAPP : Big Data=Big Oil?

Frank Chimero × Blog × Text Playlists


You don't need a growth hacker

My Thoughts on Codecademy - O'Reilly School of Technology

Ebook publishing platforms are a joke | FutureBook

isolani - Web Standards: Web App Mistakes: Condemned to repeat

The Importance of Marketing Analytics

Six Steps to Put Christensen's Jobs-to-be-Done Theory into Practice - Forbes

Bobby Womack: 'I can sing my ass off, better than I could before' | Music | The Guardian

Is Your Brand Great At Digital Marketing? A Diagnostic Framework.

MoneyBall for Startups: Invest BEFORE Product/Market Fit, Double-Down AFTER. - Master of 500 Hats

Jane Litte explains the DoJ suit very well, and I have a couple of points to add – The Shatzkin Files