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Google to sell book content

The inevitable? The Bookseller reports [login required] on Google’s plans to sell access to book content.

The new initiative is to be launched first in the US and the UK. Details are not yet finalised but Google said the revenue of any online sales would be shared between Google and the publisher, with the publisher receiving the majority of the revenue. Publishers will be able to decide what price they set for online access to their titles, and choose which books they wish to include in the programme. Up to now, browsers wishing to see more of a book have been directed to an online bookseller or the website of the copyright holder.

Which of course, will make Nigel Newton flip his lid. Here’s a link to NN’s World Book Day speech, which I thought was very well articulated, and even though I fundamentally disagree with much of what he says, he does make some interesting and very valid points. Although maybe it lost a little bit of focus when he started trying to get us to save some valley somewhere, etc.

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