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Times Emit March 06

Silence of late has been due to London Book Fair and lots of travel as well as work; what follows is a list of link to all the stuff that distracted me inthe last week.

Vicky Barnsley tells Alan Giles to sort out their website; and that Amazon is a bigger threat than Google;

Google books backlist sales say. Really?

On that note: in Google We Trust

Jason Epstein is I think the guy that Robert McCrumb mentioned a couple of years ago in the same breath as Andre Schiffrin; here’s Epstien on the Future of Books

he wants to digitally reconstruct publishing, as digitization is re-creating the music industry.

UCL announces a centre for publishing

The read/write web on turning y0ur blogs into books – with lots of great links;

Plus user comments on selfpublishing and more here;

Kottke on POD

Lulu’s owner; one and two;

Vic Keegan on POD;

Very long speech on the future of publishing after digital change: Mike Shatzkin to the ABP;

USA today sees the light for E-Ink;

FT talks money and blogs;

Jon Battalle’s book won’t be indexed by Google Print;

Nostalgic Wired article on how origami is like red bull

OpenSource, Open Content: Esther Dyson on new bsiness models;

Seen any good design recently?

Fontchat: Alice Rawsthorne on typeface and the Perception of Fonts: Perceived Personality Traits and Uses direct from the Usability Times;

Simply awesone: the creator of the flash mob comes clean: he made the whole thing up. Genius.

Tim O’Reilly talks future;

OK, I don’t understand this. But I plan to. RDF = bigger piles?

Hollywood mashups
Pearson to sell?

Something called social networking; and peer to peer file sharing

More Wired: Being Josh Davies

Kottke on Olympics;
Jon Ronson on conspiracy theories. Who told him?

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Today’s links // Google to sell book content

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