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‘Recent’ Emissions

In no particular order:

Wired reviews Google’s new payment system, Checkout.

GOB was very into the idea of this guy’s online book; I trust GOB, but the chapter headings sound so full of jargon that I’d really want to give it a wide berth unless heavily pursuaded otherwise.

Believe it or not, Umberto Eco on why Macs and PCs are like Catholics and Protestants. From 1994. [Link via Coudal].

Dan Franklin (big Dan Franklin, as we call him when we need to differentiate when among Canongaters) on two editors whose like we won’t see again: Tom Maschler and John Blackwell.

eBooks are having a hard time catching on, apparently.

Wow. There’s an amazing new thing called Creative Commons. Thanks NYT.

Holtzbrinck, the company which owns Macmillan, has a blog for its online dept. And, wow, get this, they talk about this creative commons as well. This thing could get really popular.

Another Coudal Link. This time to Walter Murch. The Conversations – his book with Michael Ondaatje, discussing the art of editing and translating words into film, is still one of my favourites.

Infosthetics (!?)

This could be relevant for a whole heap of reasons. The nonist.

And the typophile wiki.

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