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Happy Birthday Dr King

It’s MLK Day – the holiday to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, which was lobbied for by Stevie Wonder (among others) and also (not a lot of people know this) Gil Scott Heron. Gil’s next book – soon to be published and called The Last Holiday – outlines his involvement in the campaign and, well – it’s a great book.

MLK’s I have a dream speech is apparently up there as one of the best ‘presentations’ of all time – so we’re told by professional (American) presenters who compare MLK to the best, such as Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs and a few others. I don’t think that’s really the way to look at Dr King, who is so far from talking in soundbites and the content of whose speeches can’t really be compared to announcing a new mobile phone. But I would say it’s a great reason to watch MLK’s speech in full, which I found today via Presentation Zen on the wonder of YouTube.

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