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Links, April 2007

A few links which have inspired me in the past couple of weeks. In fact there have been many more but I don’t want to deluge you.

Starting with eBooks, digital book stuff and copyright. John Lanchester’s great piece in the guardian on copyright, books, and google.

Backing up my previous posts on giving it all away, both ends of the digital publishing spectrum are covered in this bloggasm piece on whether giving your book away for free boosts sales. And a mediabistro summary of much of the coverage for this story. And the Guardian’s Vic Keegan on the same

A slightly left-field interview with the italian evangelist of eBooks and their readers.

Kevin Kelly’s documentary book in online format.

Book marketing, web site design, copy writing (particularly this last). The brilliant Miranda July site that everyone has been linking to for a week or so. Canongate publish this year, but it’s not on their site yet.

Are designers the enemies of design?

Newspapers and web design.

Tips for making random contacts; sits along side lipsum when it comes to mock-up content.

Mac speed hacks (including the great mail accelerator)

Geek alert! How to set type on a baseline grid (sorry!).

Loads more where that comes from, but I should probably leave it there for now. Other than to say check out

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London Book Fair 2.0 // Why doesn’t the publishing industry take on Amazon?

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