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Apt’s links for March 12th

  • The Rise of The Ad Man 2.0 : iain tait | – “Hire digital natives”. Good advice, but we’re in short supply – for now. Luckily this crazy digital thing is getting into the blood stream of the generation coming up.”
  • Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business – Forgot to mark this. Chris Anderson makes money from free stuff. How can everyone else do the same? (I admit it, I bought the issue…)
  • Gail Rebuck speaks on the future. – “This is not the last page for the book, but a new chapter, and the first of many, as the book changes again and again, as times and technology change.” GR says the sooth, although I haven’t actually read it.
  • Digital dunces? « Tea and Scandal – Lindsey’s new blog [thanks James] gets started with one in the eye for publishers who don’t get the web
  • Penguin Classics – Congratulations to Penguin for winning the Design Museum graphics prize. They’re lovely – I just can’t get my hands on them in the UK, Any ideas?

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