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Apt’s links for February 26th through February 27th

Ace Jet 170: …a consistently high standard of problem solving… –
russell davies: unnotebook – “This is notebook2. I got Ben to help me out with the design this time. The upside is that the boxes looked nice and elegant and were of the proper thickness and lightness. “

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Apt’s links for February 19th through February 25th

Seth’s Blog: Reinventing the Kindle (part II) – “Okay, so Amazon’s Kindle is cool and it’s gaining in traction and people who have one buy a lot of books. 10% of Amazon’s book sales are now on the Kindle.But it could be so much better. Here are my newest riffs for Jeff and Co.”
Kindle 2 [...]

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Apt’s links for February 18th

A List Apart: Articles: In Defense of Readers – “Despite the ubiquity of reading on the web, readers remain a neglected audience. Much of our talk about web design revolves around a sense of movement: users are thought to be finding, searching, skimming, looking.”
T-post® – Nice.

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Apt’s links for February 15th through February 16th

The Art of M. S. Corley: Harry Potter Redesign – Nice. Seen Marber?
Article Skimmer – Pretty lovely new feature from NYT.
Search Harper’s Index – Excuse me, but this is freakin awesome.
Facebook | Yo-Yo Shreds at the Inauguration with Perlman et al. – “Finally, Yo-Yo Ma Shreds. Video and dub tribute to yoyo, itzhak et al. [...]

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Apt’s links for February 11th through February 12th

Online music service Spotify opens doors to UK ? as record industry slams them shut | Technology | – By contrast, he said, the entertainment industry had been pushing for more restrictions instead of adapting. “The entertainment sector appear to have lobbied the government to consider establishing a ‘pirates tax’ on all of us, [...]

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Apt’s links for February 10th

Unfurled: The Book Bench: Online Only: The New Yorker – “the ?INTROspective? exhibit, [which] features the eerie book sculptures of Jacqueline Rush Lee, covertly interspersed among letterpress worktables, polymer plates, stacked hand-bound books, and brightly colored pamphlets dangling like ornaments from the ceiling.”
USA : Kindle 2 to kill audio books? – “The second feature – [...]

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TED Screens “This is Where We Live”

Some really, really exciting news: the astonishingly A-list TED conference, which has just wrapped up in California, asked to show our 25th Estate film, This is Where We Live and to put it on the DVD given to delegates in the goodie bag.
Of course we said yes! Speakers include Tim Berners Lee, Bill Gates, Olafur [...]

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Apt’s links for January 26th through February 9th

Cooper Journal: One free interaction – “I noticed two friends who use their mouse to repeatedly select and deselect text in web browsers as they read pages online. This is absolutely crazymaking for onlookers, but really satisfying for them.” Yup. We like this stuff.
Live from Amazon’s Kindle 2 press conference – Engadget – “10:44AM Okay [...]

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Amazon: Battle lines being drawn?

Lots of anticipation for the Amazon announcement in NY next week. Will it be Kindle 2.0, a slightly underwhelming device with different buttons and a faster graphics card? Will it be the long-awaited announcement of Kindle UK? Or the announcement of an iPhone app that supports Kindle? This last is (for me) potentially the most [...]

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The Book Launch: Daniyal Mueenuddin’s “In Other Rooms, Other Wonders”, Delhi (UKYPE09)

[Written as part of our visit to India with the British Council. All such posts will be listed in a dedicated category; apologies if this isn't of interest. If it is of interest, then you can also see more on our Flickr set]
Lucy and I have been invited to the launch of Daniyal Mueenuddin’s In [...]

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