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Portobello Pictures

We’re pleased to announce that the updated site for Portobello Pictures is now out.


We first built a website for Portobello Pictures in 2005, working with Angus Hyland and Fabian Herrmann at Pentagram to design the site. Taking its lead from the dimensions of a cinema screen, the site is designed to feel like a private viewing at a Soho cinema, with a slideshow accompanying each production.

We’ve now added a full CMS so that Portobello can add their own content, as well as the stills and films alongside it. So you can watch the trailers for their Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning film Kolya, or family favourite Danny the Champion of the World, as well as highlights from their extraordinary South African stage adaptation of Mozart: The Magic Flute – Impempe Yomlingo, and much more besides.

Go check out the new Portobello Pictures site…

Posted by James in Publishing.

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