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Apt Expertise

Web design

We have 11 years of experience in researching, planning, designing, building and running web sites, from simple blogs to complex content management systems and e-commerce applications. “Web design” covers all this and more, to help you to get the most out of your web presence. We’re scrupulous about planning and particularly proud of our delivery: crisp, clear sites, designed and built to the highest standards you’ll find anywhere:


We’ve also worked on our own projects:


As former editors ourselves, we’re passionate about publishing and are dedicated to using the web to help books succeed. We love working with publishers to increase their readership and increase sales through communicating with their readers and opening direct channels to online sales. We’ve seen the business go through unprecedented change, and have a wealth of experience and insight to draw upon:

Private Sector

We’re recognised as digital experts in the publishing industry, but our strategic rigour and the attention to detail we bring to the execution of a project has an obvious application in any industry seeking to use the web to best effect. We’re proud of the calibre of the companies we’ve worked with outside publishing:


One of our specialisms is producing apps for your iPhone:


As well as the book promos below, our award-winning film work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in cinemas, at film festivals and trade events, and on the web:


We understand how important the experience your customers receive at each stage of purchase from you is and can help you ensure a clear and secure process from online to delivery and after sales care:

Consultancy & Planning

As well as making ideas happen, clients also ask us to help them develop ideas, or help manage projects that they’ve already begun. This may be producing a feasibility study, business plan, or coming in-house to manage a project and making sure it gets delivered. Smart strategy forms the bedrock of any successful project, and we bring strategic vision and experience to any project we execute. We can offer our advice, experience and develop ideas and vision for a project before you embark upon it:

Children's Book Publishing

Over the years, we’ve worked on a number of projects with children’s and illustrated books, including Maisy, Dick Bruna (the creator of Miffy) and the phenomenally successful teenage books of Anthony Horowitz and Stephenie Meyer:

Book Promos

We pioneered the concept of the “book promo”, launching our first in 2001 after writing a business plan for the idea in 1999. Book promos are hard, and successes are rare. But in the last 10 years, we’ve learned enough to understand what elements need to be put in place to connect the right book to the right audience:

Author Websites

We’ve built beautiful, successful and popular sites for a number of authors. All of our sites are planned, designed and built to the highest standards, made fully accessible for all visitors, and include easy to use content management systems to allow simple updates: