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Anita Shreve

Little, Brown came to us looking to build a site for readers of Anita Shreve, one of their best-selling novelists.

They wanted to provide a new home for Shreve’s work on the web, which would showcase her backlist and promote her new titles, all tied in to a recent rebranding of all her works with a contemporary and harmonious, photographic and typographically led design.

Particular thought was given to attracting and retaining her key audience demographic, and integrating the wide range of audio backlist into the site.

This was to be a site where Shreve’s readers would feel welcomed, catered-for, and that there was a wealth of supporting material worth returning to. It wasn’t to be flashy, geeky or intimidating – but to echo the calm, confident and consistent look and feel or her books. We presented a design concept which used the hi-quality photos from the new design as “full-bleed” background images on the website – a visual nod to the full-bleed of the same images on the books. The site randomly selects an image for the home page, and across the site, but uses the printed image on the book page.

Shreve is a huge book club author, so as well as all titles having substantial extracts, there are reading group guides for all her front- and backlist titles. The site is also going to be heavily promoted in the backs of all of her titles published in the new livery.

Little, Brown also needed a robust, but easy to use, content management system to allow them to add new titles, podcasts and other rich media, and edit existing titles when they moved from hardback to paperback editions. Finally, as with all of our sites, it was to be standards compliant, search-engine optimised, and accessible.

Client: Lindsey Mooney at Little, Brown.
Produced by Peter Collingridge.
Design and build by James Bridle.
Built using Wordpress.


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