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We’ve worked with HarperCollins on a broad range of projects, with a relationship dating back to 2001. From web site reviews, to a multi-author blog, to films, and strategic consultancy, we’ve developed a deep knowledge of their business outlook, and a brilliant and productive working relationship.

We were retained by Press Books (the division containing 4th Estate and Perennial) to help develop a number of ideas that were coming out of their weekly meetings. Our job was help filter the good ideas from the not-so-great, and help turn those with legs both into a robust business model and strategy, and a reality.

When we were approached with the idea of authonomy – a crowd-sourced submissions house for unpublished writers – we knew it was a great one. The challenge was how to make sure that the idea reached a potentially skeptical audience – and reassured them that this was a placed built on merit and trust.

We simply used our experience of building community, combined with the principles of user-centric design, and a lot of imagining how authors would feel about their life’s work being uploaded to a publisher site, and helped HarperCollins through the early stages of the project.

Authonomy now receives over a million page impressions a month, and has recenlty announced that three authors acquired by HarperCollins through the site, with print on demand now part of the service offering.

Client: Kate Hyde, HarperCollins

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