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Books from Scotland

BooksFromScotland is an initiative of Publishing Scotland, which has been dubbed, “The Scottish Amazon”.

Highly ambitious – the site lists and sells all books published either by a Scottish author, a Scottish publisher, or about Scotland – we spent a lot of time bringing our experience of building publisher ecommerce sites to this project to make sure it would reach (and convert into customers) as wide an audience as possible.

Books From Scotland secures its data on a daily basis from a dedicated feed from BDS, a division of Nielsen BookData, who flag up all relevant titles from the available books in print database. The bibliographic data, including jackets, is “slurped” into the web content management system, where it is also combined with a daily price and availability feed from Gardners, the wholesalers who fulfill the orders on the site. The site editor does a great job of augmenting the book data with original and commissioned content to make sure that visitors find depth of information as well as range.

Pre-dating Apt, the site was planned by Peter Collingridge, and built by Alex Fiennes using the Node content management system. Design was supplied by Publishing Scotland.

Site traffic continues to grow, not least through the significant efforts of the site editor to attract and retain new subscribers to the newsletter.

Launch: 2005
Client: Marion Sinclair, Publishing Scotland

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