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Enhanced Editions

Enhanced Editions is a new e-reading application for the iPhone.

At Apt, we’ve long been passionate advocates of ebooks and electronic reading. After much discussion, we decided we could build a better application than any currently available: so we went ahead and did it.

We worked with the best in the old and the new worlds of publishing – publishers, authors and agents; designers, programmers and technologists – to apply traditional skills to a new medium, and showing what ebooks can really do.

Enhanced Editions showcase the best new writing, and they also add a host of new features never seen before, like full-text synchronisation with an audiobook version, as well as customisable fonts and text sizes, bookmarking, search, variable reading modes, in-app news updates and audio and video extras.

The first title from Enhanced Editions, released in the App Store in September 2009, was Nick Cave’s novel The Death of Bunny Munro – itself largely written on the iPhone. It contained the full audiobook – read by Cave himself – as well as exclusive videos and a specially-composed soundtrack.

Forthcoming titles include books by Barack Obama, and David Simon, creator of The Wire.


  • Peter Collingridge
  • Rhys Cazenove
  • David McAlpine
  • Jim Bonner


  • James Bridle
  • Mike Paterson
  • Eoin Noble
  • Kat Matfield

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