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Granta’s Best of Young American Novelists

Granta Magazine’s Best of Young American Novelists edition is all about the hip, new voices of American writing.

We designed and built a fast, content-managed, and search-engine optimised site very quickly, to allow Granta to publicise the magazine in the period between the list being announced and the magazine being available.

We also encouraged Granta to make available as much material as possible from the magazine, to encourage better visits, deep-linking and search engine traffic.

And we also suggested that allowing members of the public to comment on the list – which is always as controversial as Granta’s list of the Best Young British Novelists – would be a good way to encourage the dialogue with readers that the new management team wants to be a part of the future of Granta.

Produced by Peter Collingridge. Design: Charlie Hanson, XHTML: Josh King-Farlow, Build: Alex Fiennes.

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