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Apt Portfolio

Leo Nickolls

Leo Nickolls is a young, talented freelance book jacket designer. He was working on a short-term contract for one of the UK’s leading literary publishing houses, and decided that he wanted a web site to show off his jacket design to UK publishers and designers.

We like the way that Leo doesn’t present jackets as faits accomplis – more often than not, there are several versions of a jacket (including some that got canned), and his commentary on each design is also refreshingly honest.

We also like the fact that, unlike a lot of graphic designers, he is totally focused on only designing book jackets.

Our Favourites:
Philip Hoare, Leviathan, or The Whale
Che Guevara, Guerrilla Warfare
Vincent Lam, Bloodletting
Preeta Samarasan, Evening is the Whole Day


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