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Chris Anderson: The Long Tail (Promo)

Promo for acclaimed business book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. Produced for Random House UK, under Creative Commons.

“We are told that success is measured by bestsellers, blockbusters, and hits.

But what about the infinite number of non-hits? In the internet age of unlimited choice, these ‘misses’ are now easily available to us.

Obscure films, new music, specialist books – our demand for the niche grows.

Suddenly, the ‘misses’ are becoming more profitable than the hits.

This is the theory of the long tail. And it’s revolutionising the way we live.

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Produced by Peter Collingridge. Directed & animated by Hoss Gifford. Art direction by Paul Lambert. Sound design by Nick Moore. Voice: Maria Rytkonen. Client: Adam Humphrey, Random House UK

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