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Chris Anderson: The Long Tail (Random House)

Promo and web site for acclaimed business book The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. Produced under Creative Commons.

After working on the promo for the hardback release, Random House UK asked us to come up with ideas for the paperback publication of Chris Anderson’s big-selling, dictionary-busting, paradigm-shifting business book. So we suggested they give as much of it away for free as they could.

Client: Adam Humphrey at Random House UK.
Site produced by Peter Collingridge. Design by Charlie Smith. XHTML/CSS by Josh King-Farlow. Built using the Node content management system by Alex Fiennes.

Animation: Directed & animated by Hoss Gifford. Art direction by Paul Lambert. Sound design by Nick Moore. Voice: Maria Rytkonen. Client: Adam Humphrey, Random House UK

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