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Alex Rider: Scorpia

Watch Alex Rider: Scorpia full size.

Once stung, twice as deadly. Alex Rider wants revenge.

Alex Rider is in Venice, looking for secrets long-buried in the past. Was his father really a ruthless assassin – and if so, what does that make Alex?

The truth lies with the shadowy criminal organization known as Scorpia, and soon Alex will have to make a choice: will he continue to work for MI6, who have manipulated him?

Book promo for Scorpia, the fifth title in Walker Books’ Alex Rider series, by author Anthony Horowitz. Commissioned by Alison Morrison at Walker Books in 2003.

In this instalment, reluctant teenage super-spy Alex Rider has his “Darth Vader” moment, and realises that his father was possibly a double agent. The story of his father’s own dark past sheds a kind of light upon Alex’s feeling towards M15 and the shadowy SCORPIA organisation.

We took the choice of making the book promo look like a graphic novel, and turned a couple of key scenes from the book into animated sections. We deliberately obscured Alex and other characters’ faces in shadows, and chose music from Orson Welles’ The Third Man – author Anthony Horowitz’ favourite movie – as the inspiration for the sound design.

Produced by Peter Collingridge; directed by Mickey Stretton at AllOfUs. Sound Design by Owen Parkes.

See also our website for the Alex Rider series.

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