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Sigrid Rausing Trust

The Sigrid Rausing Trust is a philanthropic, grant-giving trust, founded in 1995 to promote international human rights.

The Sigrid Rausing Trust works in the areas of Civil and Political Rights, Women’s Rights, Minority Rights, and Social and Environmental Justice. In 2009 their grant budget is £20 million.

Following our work on the relaunch of Granta Magazine, which is published by Sigrid Rausing, the Trust approached Apt to develop a new website for the Trust, to explain the grants process and list funded organisations.

We worked with the Trust to identify their audiences, their individual needs, and the different ways they would draw from the site. We also worked closely with them to prepare their content, and to build and present a comprehensive picture of the work that they do worldwide.

The Grantees funded by the Trust, and the geographical locations (of both their work and their headquarters) were broken down into simple headings: Programmes (”what we do”) and Regions (”where we work”). These headings formed the primary organisational basis of the site, which needed to appeal to, and inform, current and prospective Grantees, other philanthropic organisations, and casual visitors alike.

The site itself was designed to be as simple to use, and as visually restrained, as possible. It is build on the open-source Node CMS, giving the Trust full control over their content, and the ability to adjust and add to it at will.

We’re very pleased to have worked with a client of the Trust’s stature, and proud to have helped them build their web presence and a corresponding new identity.

Visit to explore the site.

Client: Sigrid Rausing Trust
Producer: Peter Collingridge
Design and CSS: James Bridle
Programming: Guy Bolton-King

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