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The Book Seer

The Book Seer is a little web application we built for recommending books.

It takes the last book you read, and searches a number of other sites – Amazon, LibraryThing and BookArmy – to offer a suggested list of books to read next. It does this using those services’ publicly-available APIs. You can read more about this, and about book data in general, in this blog post at Times Emit.

Bookseer proved immediately popular, being picked up across the web, notably at Lifehacker and on the Guardian’s Books blog – where it started an interesting discussion on the often fraught business of recommending books – and has gathered a committed following on Twitter. Peter wrote more about this at TE: The Long Tailed Book Seer

We believe this positive reception down to a unique combination of simplicity, utility and design. The Book Seer does one thing, and one thing well, offering people a neat list of comparable choices from a range of sources. It also does this in a friendly, informal and fun way, a far cry from many web interfaces – particularly on book sites.

Design and build: James Bridle

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