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Apt Products

As we’ve planned, designed and built sites for our clients, we’ve developed a range of tools which we’ve turned to again and again to provide the best solutions for our clients. Many of these tools have turned into products in their own right: highly customisable and configurable platforms, content management systems and web applications you can use. Some of our creations are listed below, and many can be found in the wild.


We’ve built a lot of publisher web sites. We’ve even run them for publishers. We know what works with eCommerce, and we know what a reader, and a publisher wants. TLC is the distillation of this experience into a single publishing system which can be tailor-made to fit with your business.

TLC is two great products rolled into one: a fully featured, leading-edge publisher ecommerce website; and a robust, industry-standard backend publishing system. The two products can be used together, or TLC can take a XML feed from your existing title system (be it Biblio, Anko, or even a dedicated product).

TLC features include:

Enhanced Editions

The ebook revolution is here, and with it a vast range of competing ereaders, reading applications, formats and add-ons. Most of the work has come from the tech community, with little enough input from publishers. But publishers have the time-honoured skills that have built the reading experience as we know and understand it today: book design, type-setting, editing and indexing. They’re also the ones with the content: not just the text itself, but supplementary material, audio, video, and access to authors.

Apt is building a next-generation ereader for mobile devices, and partnering with publishers to bring the best of books to readers with the best of technology: mobility, sociability and connectivity. We’ll be releasing the first of these enhanced editions in 2009, and if you’d like to see your books presented at their best, and make money from them, get in touch.

Online Reading

For the Golden Notebook project we developed our own highly customised online reading application, based on the open-source blogging and forum platforms Wordpress and Vanilla. This system provides all the features for a structured and enjoyable online reading experience, even for long-form texts, as well as the ability for readers to comment and discuss the work, bringing the true flavour of the web to the traditional book.

The result is a completely interactive reading system that can be themed and redesigned to any requirements. We’re very interested in seeing this system extended to other work: if you have a text you’d like to put online and allow your readers to engage with, talk to us.


YouTube, eh? It’s a wonderful thing, but sometimes all those ads and inane comments get a bit much – particularly when you just want to show someone a sweet video. So we built Quietube – YouTube without the distractions.

A simple bookmarklet lets you easily build a clean, clear video page from any YouTube video, and generate a short URL to send to your friends, clients, and Mum. Check it out.


A very personal project that emerged from our near-obsessive love for period Penguin Books design, grid systems and typography, Marber is a free Wordpress theme from Apt: a little gift from us to the blogging, book-loving community.

See it in action, in some of its multiple variations, at seventhmodel, stefpause, 4morfic, Data-Ink and many other sites, check out the configurable test installation and download it here.