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Long Tail Stats

Below are some stats for the first month of the Long Tail promo being online. Make of them what you will – but we’re delighted that we’ve managed to direct a lot of the interest in the concept of the long tail towards the RHUK edition of the book.

The central tenet of our strategy for this was to get the PDF (which is branded in the RHUK edition’s livery, and contains links back to the site) as widely distributed as possible. So the promo, Creative Commons production files, and iTunes distribution was all part of that. Random House are delighted. There was also a piece in last week’s bookseller (which isn’t for some reason online) about the work and the successes in the trade and beyond. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback from the client, Adam Humphrey, to post up here and to include in the lecture I’m giving on book promos in Dundee on November 22nd.

The YouTube Version has been seen (to date) 4005 times;
17,000 copies of the book are out in the trade;
The PDF has been hit 10,151 times;
The iTunes podcast file has been hit 1589 times (and the guy who did the voiceover for the audio version has just been in touch)
The ipod version has been seen 49 times which is cool given that people will be searching for Long Tail at all, and finding what we’ve done (it shows iTunes is a viable distribution channel)
The hi def version has been downloadad 454 times;
The mashup files are in the couple of hundreds each;

The ironic thing is that all of the stats we’re looking at suggest that the promo and campaign itself is following a long tail model… let’s wait and see what to do for the paperback. I’d love to amend the artwork from the promo for the jacket, but I’ve not yet ever managed to persuade a publisher to do that. Adam?

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