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Coversourcing: Early days yet

It’s been a surprisingly busy day out on the coversourcing stump today – with earlybird AceJet170 drumming up a significant lead in the coversourcing primaries by lobbying hard in his safe constituencies. Many of his supporters have been very vocal – some even calling it before the day is through.

But it’s still early days yet – with a month before deadline closes (February 10th) and when the voting proper begins. I’ve seen several works in progress (including one due in very soon if not today) which I think will challenge the ‘Jet when it comes to lightness of touch, and brilliance of execution.

But – remember the rules! “Is the most beautiful cover always the most effective or commercial?” Remember what the brief says. And what about a joint effort, in the real spirit of crowdsourcing? A creative-commons backed collaboration? Does anyone have what it takes to make a Real Madrid of jacket designers?

How about it, web?

Posted by Peter Collingridge in Apt Studio work, coversourcing.

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