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Coversourcing: Random House says….

Looking for a nod from the Coversourcing judges? Well, you won’t get that here, but the below is a post from Adam Humphrey, marketing manager at Random House Business Books, whose job it is to market Crowdsourcing: The Book. Adam knows a bit or two about the kind of book jackets that make the grade, and he runs us through his weekend viewing of the submissions.

So, the submissions are rolling in, and here’s a quick update…

Acejet continues to lead our beauty contest with a very classy piece of design, but other serious contenders in the form of msmetana [who actually now seems to have withdrawn their entry, and risks losing their votes so far by being deleted - ed] and specx, as well as relative newcomers yonialter with a striking humanised montage; koleslaw with a slinky black number; and MattCooperInLondon with a super-clean composition are raising the bar further.

Add to this a whole other bunch of innovative, well-thought-out designs (alongside the obligatory joker who submitted their – disqualified – design on a scribbled piece of paper, featuring a crowd of stick-men drawn in what can only be described as ‘pen’) and it’s fair to say that there is plenty of creative juice flowing heading into the swimsuits round.

Just as good I think are the considered opinions and in some cases, outright insults, which are being flung around with gay abandon. A Crowdsourced project by definition should always encourage comment, and it has been equally great to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are my top 3 comments so far:

1. This is one of the worst designs but the designer has a lot of friends!
2. It also has a very large area suitable for a massive 50% OFF sticker
3. It looks like a crowd of zombies walking into the mist

With still about a month to go there’s plenty of time for a new contender to emerge from the pack, so keep on Coversourcing – and keep those comments coming too!

Adam Humphrey

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