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Coversourcing: Update

Update: See comments for an update on eligibility and location – we’re working on it!

Well, it’s getting busy out there. We’ve got 61 entries so far, with more coming every day.

This busy-ness is not without its problems however – we’ve already lost a few noble entrants out there. Some bowed out for unknown reasons (possibly because of some of the tough things being said in some of the comments – play nice guys – while others have ducked out because they were told (by the crowd) that their use of stock imagery had been used on previously published book jackets.

And on that note – a word about stock. The terms and conditions make it clear that entrants must:

be (a) the undisputed original work of the entrant, and (b) previously unpublished. Entries must not be unlawful or breach any third party right. Entrants will acquire the prior written consent of all relevant rights owners and all licensed work must be clearly and accurately accredited.

Now, we know a lot of you are designers (including one of you who said that being a designer means you “don’t read things like briefs”, let alone terms and conditions) – but this stuff is important. We know because Random House’s lawyers said so. This – along with the non-eligibility of non-UK residents – is probably the most important rule.

However, we know this may be crippling some of your creativity – those of who who prefer to use stock than originating your own imagery. So we’ve got RH to agree that you can use stock imagery so long as you provide the information we’ll need to clear it. Of course, if it’s out of the park expensive, it won’t wash, and this will be taken into consideration by the panel, and you won’t win. So really, the most original (read: originated) designs / illustrations / photos have an advantage, but we thought we’d clear this up.

The upshot is: please add a comment to your entry on this site citing (and linking to) the source for the image.

Other great news is that we’ve had our first collaborative-minded submission, with pagalina posting her artwork for others to build from. More please!

We also have our first LOLcatz entry.

Finally a word about comments. It’s great how vocal (and in the vast majority of cases, constructive and positive) you are all being. But there have been some fairly uncalled-for attacks on entries, which really isn’t what we’re looking for. Anyone can enter, anyone can comment – and anyone can win. So – please keep it polite and constructive – and keep it coming!

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