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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (200,000 times)

In 1999, I wrote a business plan for the company I was then working for, Canongate Books. The plan was for the Scottish Arts Council, and the idea I’d come up with was to make “pop promos for books” which would get a web and film festival showing, and drive traffic to the Canongate site – which was doing a great job of converting visitors to loyal customers. (If I’m repeating myself, it’s because I also blogged this a while ago.)

We got funding for five films, and the first one (for a book I was then editing, the collected lyrics and poems of Gil Scott Heron was produced in 1999, designed by Julian House at Intro.

Sadly, tho, it never saw the light of day until very recently. Why? We also completed our Life of Pi promo, which was a giant, 8 MB download (huge at the time). This got thousands and thousands of views a day, and tanked Canongate’s bandwidth limit. They had to start paying over the odds to keep the promo up there. (Ooops. You learn). As a result, both were taken offline until a “sponsor” for bandwidth became available, or until bandwidth became free, and by which time, I’d left the company, and we’d all missed the boat.

Anyway, along came YouTube and we put it up there in 2006. My reason for posting is that it’s just had its 200,000th view, which isn’t great shakes (the Pi promo had over 2.5m views on a number of different sites, but has had very few on YouTube – probably because it’s also a game) – but we’re proud none the less.

You can view it on YouTube here – and enjoy the pretty regular comments. Or you can look at the hi-res version below, straight from the source. (It’s quite old now – 8 years – so it can be a bit tetchy. Maybe easier to watch in a new window.

You can also see the Life of Pi promo introduction below, or here in a new window – again recommended.

If you’re interested in other promos we’ve done, try these:

The Baghdad Blog, Salam Pax
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, Doug Coupland
Lunar Park, Brett Easton Ellis
The Long Tail, Chris Anderson
For One More Day, Mitch Albom

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