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50 Copies of Crowdsourcing to give away to bloggers

Whilst we’re waiting for the judges to make up their minds, we thought it a good time to let you know that we will have a very limited number of proofs (or, as they are also known, advance reader copies) of Jeff Howe’s Crowdsourcing to offer to interested bloggers in advance of UK publication.

If you are a blogger, and you want to get your hands on one of the copies, please send an email to coversourcing [at], including in the email – very important this – your snail mail address, and your blog address.

The first fifty people to email us with this info will be sent a copy of the first official printing in the next two or three months, probably around mid to late May, and obviously we’d love it if you blogged what you think of the book when you’ve read it. (If you really want to make us happy, please link back to this site and tag the piece “coversourcing”, but no sweat.)

The UK edition (that’s the one with the winning entry printed on the cover) will come out in late summer this year, and we’ll follow this up with details of what we’re offering to all entrants to the competition by way of saying thanks to you all.

This site will also continue to grow in the run-up to publication, so please make sure you’re either signed up on RSS, or that you keep checking back for updates.

We know that a lot of you just came by for the competition, but hopefully there will be a load of other stuff to keep you interested in the next few weeks.

Good luck – and don’t forget to come by for the announcement of the winner!

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