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Production Stills: Funnest

We’ve been working on an exceptional, frankly fairly nuts, project for the past couple of months. I’m not going to say much at this stage, other than (1) it’s for 4th Estate, (2) it’s a short done entirely in stop-motion animation (3) yes, we have built 6 sections of a city made entirely out of books, and (4) it’s really, really good fun.

More details after the jump.

These are some production stills from a couple of sequences in the film for 4th Estate, which will be out early next year.
25th estate - market
The Market: Wide view (see stills camera at the front)

25th estate - Market (2)

25th Estate - Butcher’s Shop

25th Estate - Yacoubian Building

25th Estate - Statue Shot
This stall actually has minature versions of the 4th Estate titles in the shot. The statue is made of lego.

25th estate - Market (wide)
Working out the animation. Note Individual character animations on the brown card.

25th Estate - people frames

25th Estate - Silly Hats
Silly hat day on set. By set we mean converted front room in Harringey. With 9 animators, art directors and modelmakers sleeping on set for 2 weeks.

25th Estate - Ben
Working out the shots for the museum district. Things were simpler then.

25th Estate - End Shot
Home-made dolly for the rising camera in the final sequence. Note MacBook Pro in background taking time-lapse of entire shoot.

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