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Apt’s links for November 29th through December 4th

  • New Bar Codes Can Talk With Your Cellphone – New York Times – NYT ON QR Codes
  • We Made This: A quantum design – “On a side note, it feels like there’s the beginnings of a trend starting for higher-end editions of popular fiction. We reckon it might be something to do with the growth of e-readers and online books. Perhaps people are beginning to look at books with new eyes, and realising that their tactile qualities are there to be celebrated and valued. After all, if you can just download a book, then when you buy one it’s as something to love, cherish and keep. And heck, that’s just great news for designers.” Something I agree with very much. More love for Angus and Fabian’s recent Penguin work

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25th Estate: This Is Where We Live (4th Estate) // Apt’s links for December 13th through December 15th

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