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Granta Magazine, Part 2: Now with added wonders

It’s been almost a year since the launch of our new site for Granta Magazine, which we wrote about in this blog post. But as we noted then, the site wasn’t entirely done, and last week saw the launch of the second phase, which brought a new range of functions and new methods of subscription and participation to the site.

Some of the most immediately obvious – and useful – new features include complete RSS feeds for both the Online Only articles, and the magazine articles. If you want to keep up with Granta’s excellent blog, and read new and old articles as they come online, you should grab those feeds now (there are more feeds across the site, including for comments and discussion). There’s now full tagging on all pages, which allows visitors to browse blog posts and articles tagged by the editors and grouped by theme – check out the Top 100 Tags from across the site. In addition to this, there are curated categories, like all Reportage or Memoir articles, or all blog posts of Granta Memorabilia, or Photography slideshows. And yes, you can get an RSS feed for each of those tags and categories as well. Just want articles about London? Here you go.

You can now sign up for an account on the site which allows you to discuss articles, comment on blog posts, and even put your own tags on articles if you want to build up your own, personal reading lists. If you’re a subscriber to the magazine, it gets even better: the entire archive of the print magazine wll be available to print subscribers, with five new back issues added each month. In addition, non-subscribers can receive access to the archives for the a specially low starting price. Hopefully, this will enable more people to discover the delights of Granta, while building on their already long-standing and fiercely loyal subscriber base.

Finally, the site now has a full ecommerce system, meaning that, in addition to account and subscription sales, you can now buy every single issue of the magazine direct from the site: from the most recent Granta 105: Lost and Found all the way back to Granta 1: New American Writing, from Autumn 1979, which featured writers like William Gass, Joyce Carol Oates, Donald Barthelme, Susan Sontag and Paul Auster.

We’ve been really pleased to work on this project, which brings together so many of our interests in literature, literary presentation, the web, its architecture and architecting. We hope you like the new

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