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London Book Fail 09 – Fail

Peter Collingridge giving a Pecha Kucha talk to the SYP

I gave a Pecha Kucha (hint: really fast presentation) to the Society of Young Publishers for their “Canon Tales – Chapter 2” session at this year’s London Book Fair.

[Canon Tales] aims to promote publishing as the richly creative industry that it is, blending fantastic speakers with rapid visuals to remind us that creativity can exists at all levels of the publishing process. We are inviting 12 speakers to each present their own ‘canon tale’ – a personal, visual retelling about creativity that inspires them or stories relating to current or past projects.

I decided that I wanted to talk about failure – or at least, the failure to get what I wanted at key stages in my career, and how this has been absolutely pivotal in any success I’ve enjoyed. And I thought I’d share the presentation here. There are also photos at Flickr.

Rather, um, aptly, my talk seems to have been left on the cutting room floor from the highlights of the 12 speakers. But here’s hoping that the individual talks get uploaded soon.

Other pecha kucha-ers (hint: it’s pronounced peh cha-k-cha really fast as it’s a Japanese onomatopoeic word for chitter chatter) included my old boss Jamie Byng (who took the notion of “Canon” and added the gate, and was brilliant), the wonderful Peggy Vance (author and DK glamour-evangelist), and the hugely entertaining Roger “Chairman Mayo” Bratchell from Random House.

I was up first, absolutely terrified, but really enjoyed the whole day. Kudos to Jon Slack and Doug Wallace at the SYP for pulling it off and making it even better than last year. Get the films up on Vimeo soon guys…

If you want to look at the slides, do so below – they include the notes I was speaking from. It may be best enjoyed fullscreen – click the icon on the bottom right that looks like a projector screen.

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