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Marion Deuchars, Illustrator

If you’re a designer or illustrator, you probably know Marion Deuchars’s work already. If you’re not, you probably do too – even if you don’t know the name.


People in publishing will know that Marion is responsible for many fantastic book covers, such as those above (for Penguin and Canongate), and our own personal favourites, the Orwell series for Penguin Classics, below.


However, her instantly-recognisable style has also appealed to clients in advertising, design and editorial, including major newspapers (she undertook a long-term contract for the Guardian, producing all illustrations for the “Weekend” section in 2008), large corporations (we worked with her on Grant Thornton) and department stores. Much of this work is available for viewing on her new website at, which we were very happy and honoured to produce. Marion is also adding new and archived material at a rate of knots.

You can also have a look through her sketchbook, and see photographs of her inky, brush-strewn but very inspiring studio. There are also some great photos, many of which contain images that have been brought into her illustrations at some point.

Marion Deuchars website.

More about the job in the portfolio

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