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Coversourcing: Random House says….

Looking for a nod from the Coversourcing judges? Well, you won’t get that here, but the below is a post from Adam Humphrey, marketing manager at Random House Business Books, whose job it is to market Crowdsourcing: The Book. Adam knows a bit or two about the kind of book jackets that make the grade, [...]

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Coversourcing: Early days yet

It’s been a surprisingly busy day out on the coversourcing stump today – with earlybird AceJet170 drumming up a significant lead in the coversourcing primaries by lobbying hard in his safe constituencies. Many of his supporters have been very vocal – some even calling it before the day is through.
But it’s still early days [...]

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Late last year, we launched a project for Random House that we’re very excited about.
We’re excited because it’s a pretty experimental, even risky, project for Random House Business Books’ lead title for 2008, Jeff Howe’s Crowdsourcing. Jeff is a staff writer for WIRED magazine (working with editor Chris Anderson, whose book The Long Tail was [...]

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