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The World is Horseradish

I’ve admired the new TED site before.
But I’ve just watched Malcolm Gladwell’s talk on spaghetti sauce, filmed in September 04 and uploaded last year to the site; it’s part of his Blink-era obsession with market research and decision making. (Keen viewers will have seen Blink on my holiday reading list). It’s a fantastic talk and [...]

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Jonas Odell / Motionographer

Wow. I just found this video, which is the new one by Jonas Odell, for The Hours.
Odell is represented by the pretty much universally brilliant Nexus Productions, home to some of the best young animators in the world. And whilst I don’t like the song, it’s a great piece of work, almost breathtaking. It [...]

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More Links, mainly design, April 2007

Sorry, this is a really fragmented post. More of a collection of links, combined with some notes.
A really, *really* great site for any Penguin-philes. (Via City of Sound, and others.) And Pelicans. I’m still waiting for a wild sighting of JK Galbraith’s American Captialism. And they also have A Fletcher week section to the [...]

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So this is a nice site

New Ted site.
TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is the legendary conference where smart people from across lots of disciplines make ultra-short – around 20 minute – presentations to each other. It’s been going for a number of years, and they’ve just (thanks CoS) redone the site. Many of the talks are now online.
See percussionist Evelyn [...]

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Links, April 2007

A few links which have inspired me in the past couple of weeks. In fact there have been many more but I don’t want to deluge you.
Starting with eBooks, digital book stuff and copyright. John Lanchester’s great piece in the guardian on copyright, books, and google.
Backing up my previous posts on giving it all away, [...]

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Londonstani Graffiti & Film

So, the final post on this campaign. (Read the background here, here and here)
The plan was that we would to do something wild, something that totally circumnavigated the mainstream media (the very same media that had had the knives out and so very sharp for the book when it was published in hardback).
We agreed [...]

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Londonstani Paperback Campaign – More

So, as I was saying. We’re doing work with HarperPress on the paperback of Gautam Malkani’s novel Londonstani.
Here’s what we knew at the beginning:

The hardback didn’t sell well.
Mainstream media pretty much hated it.
But, the book had a lot going for it: it was well written, the buzz around it – and internationally – was [...]

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Recent Emissions

In no order, and certainly not chronological:
‘Participation’ is becoming the fifth ‘P’ of marketing (from Fallon Planning)
Heavily linked last year, but worth a remebering link: visualisation methods
A very Californian set of predictions for 2007
Seth says, Don’t Make A Bad Deal
Sony again caught out astroturfing
Customised newsfeed printed on paper, anyone?
The A-Z of Second Life
Booksquare agrees with [...]

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The Key Phrase is “3.5 inches is suspiciously perfect for reading.”

Booksquare has made the one insightful comment I’ve read since Steve Job’s iPhone presentation. And it is that the ‘iPhone can save the book industry’. Two quotes from the full article:
The iPhone also features a surprisingly large screen, and has the ability to automatically change the screen orientation when a user turns it sideways. At [...]

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The death of flash animation?

This follows from a thowaway line in the idea-packed conversation (part one; part two) between Russell Davies and Richard Huntingdon, two big brained thinkers on the future of communications.

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